Dalek Transformer Robot Photo: Andrew Lindsey

Dalek Transformer Robot
Photo: Andrew Lindsey

Sci Fi fans have got to love this 3D printed mash-up of Dr Who and the Transformers. Andrew Lindsey, who previously designed the 3D printed Tardis Prime, decided he needed an even harder challenge.

Enter the Dalek Transformer! From Andrew’s own blog:

This was to be a much more complex design – both because of the more geometrically complex nature of the Dalek compared to the Tardis, and because I wanted to be a bit more ambitious with the complexity of the transformation geometry.
Unlike the Tardis transfomer, which was strongly modeled on the classic Optimus Prime design for the robot mode, my goal for this design was not so much to make a Transformer with a Dalek altmode, as to make a Dalek with the very unusual feature of being able to turn into a large humanoid-ish robot.

For more details, check out Andrew’s blog. He’s planning to post build files and assembly instructions on Thingiverse when he gets a chance.