Check out the sweet animated GIFs that Raleigh, NC photographer Shane Deruise put together for us from his shoot, for the MAKE Volume 35 Playing With Fire spread, of engineer Everett Bradford and his “Prometheus Device.”

The wrist-mounted flamethrower was originally conceived as part of a functioning X-men “Pyro” costume, and first appeared on our radar four years ago, when it was a winning entry in our 2009 Halloween contest.


The appliance itself is entirely self-contained, fueled by a small tank of flammable gas strapped to the operator’s forearm. The tank has a servo-controlled valve actuated by a PIC microcontroller in response to a wrist-flexion sensor.


Click on over to Everett’s G+ photo album for more functional details, cool notebook scans, and operational pics. There’s also a YouTube video here.