Urban Sensor Hacks Hangout LIVE NOW

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The fifth Urban Sensor Hacks live Google+ Hangout is about to start, and will go live above at 3:30pm PT/6:30pm ET, featuring Master Maker Tomas Diez of Smart Citizen, the largest crowdsourced sensor platform and community on earth.

How can we use the information that is surrounding us to improve our cities? Can I become a sensor in my city? Can communities make their neighbourhoods better by sensing and acting in their environment? Smart Citizen tries to tackle these questions by developing an open source and easy-to-use sensor kit connected with an online platform and mobile app. The projects starts with environmental sensors to capture data about air pollution, sound, temperature and humidity in the urban environment, but will grow to more applications in relation with energy, agriculture, health, and its use in the Internet of Things ecosystem.

For more info, check out the Urban Sensor Hacks page, and join the Urban Sensor Hacks Google+ Community, and share what you’re doing with sensors too.


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