Chris Kippenberger works on DIY aerial drones, which he uses to make videos capturing his love of cars and bicycles that would otherwise be expensive or impossible to make. For him, aerial drones are just the tools of his trade, not and end to themselves. Chris participated in a working group on aerial photography this past weekend at the Drones & Aerial Robotics Conference (DARC). Check out DARC’s own post on Chris’ work.

Chris Kippenberger might not be the kind of guy you’d expect to meet at DARC. True, he modifies and builds his own drones. But for Kippenberger, UAVs are “strictly tools [for] creating a certain look.” Kippenberger utilizes drones to capture the subjects he is most passionate about. In many cases his subjects are of the four-wheeled variety.

Nobody makes as many beautiful, affordable, consistently interesting car videos as Kippenberger.” (

Kippenberger’s high-style car videos work because they convey his personal passion for automobiles, but his enthusiasm for speed and motion isn’t limited to four-wheeled machines.

You can read the full article on DARC’s website.