Drip-Well  Loctite Dispenser



If you’re a frequent user of thread-locking fluid, the Drip-Well is for you. Once the bottle and nozzle of your choice are in place,
you can use it for one-time application by dripping the liquid directly onto a bolt, or for multiple applications by filling up the well. The base has two mounting holes so you can fasten it right to your workbench, preventing spills, and it’s made of tough tool-grade plastic.

The Drip-Well threads will fit many common dispenser bottles, but I couldn’t find one around the shop that had the correct nozzle length to actually reach the well. Nonetheless, it will get plenty of use with 50ml Loctite bottles, and I can save the long nozzles for possible future use with other liquids.


Eric is a Mechanical Engineer with interests in machining, mass manufacturing, product design and kinetic art. While not building things, he enjoys skiing, cycling, and juggling.

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