Review: Heat Sink Soldering Tweezer



The Micro-Mark Heat Sink Soldering Tweezers are an affordable, useful addition to any electronics bench. Each jaw of the tweezers is milled out to grasp small hookup wire perfectly, making it a valuable tool for soldering. The stainless-steel body acts as a large heat-sink, preventing the wire’s insulation from melting and keeping heat-shrink from prematurely shrinking. The red wooden grips provide a nice feel, and protect your fingers from the heat.

I also found them useful as all-purpose grippers, especially when dealing with small parts. The milled slots in each jaw are perfect for picking up small bolts, and the jaws’ ability to keep things vertical make them great for carefully gluing things together.


Eric is a Mechanical Engineer with interests in machining, mass manufacturing, product design and kinetic art. While not building things, he enjoys skiing, cycling, and juggling.

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