Milwaukee has a reputation for tough, heavy-duty tools that last a lifetime; the Sawzall my dad bought more than 20 years ago is still running strong. We’ve used it to fix cars, finish basements, remodel houses, build half-pipes, and lots more. Compared to my heirloom tool, there are notable improvements: Instead of using a hex wrench to change the blades, for instance, this model features Milwaukee’s “Quik-Lok” blade clamp that requires no tools to operate. This one clocks in at 12 amps, but if you want a little more power, there’s also a 15-amp “super” model that also adds a keyless adjustable foot plate for angled cuts. The Sawzall now comes in a plastic, injection-molded tote that carries saw, blades, and a few odds and ends. Probably works better as a case than Milwaukee’s classic red metal toolbox, honestly, but it does not have the same cool style.