robot hacks

Want some equipment to help make your robot endeavor a reality?

We’re recruiting teams to participate in Robot Hacks, our upcoming series of expert discussions and builds about open-source robotic projects happening in the Maker community. If you’re a makerspace with some build skills that you want to flex, a school program eager to further your students’ robotics capabilities, or even just a group of pals who want to solder some modules, be sure to sign up to get your group on our list of Robot Hacks participants.

In return for your commitment to work on a robotics creation of your own selection and documenting it on our Robot Hacks community page, we’ll send you a great package of supplies (free!), including the Ultimate Micrcontroller Pack, servos, shields and connectors from Adafruit, and a variety of Make books and other materials.

Through November, we’ll be interacting with the teams on our G+ page, checking in with experts, and highlighting the creations you’ve assembled. We’re excited to have your participation, so sign up and get going.