Maker Faire Tokyo, which concluded Monday, was big a success. We’ll have a report from the event later today but in the meantime, check out this video of Project Skeletonics’ robot exoskeleton in action. The actual demo starts at about the 4:00 mark.

The wearable suit, which gives the wearer 2X human strength, was one of the hits at the fair. Here’s what Akihabara News, which shot the video, had to say about it:

While there were countless creative and novel projects on display – well, they’re countable, but the crowded rooms filled with naked circuit boards and 3D printers and all manner of creative technodorkery is challenging to comprehensively absorb – the star for us was the Okinawa-born, now Tokyo-based Team Skeletonics and their Skeletonics exoskeletal suit.

We managed a close-up look at how Skeletonics is worn, or ridden, or gotten into or whatever, several demo movements, and of course the dismount,or getting-out-of process (need to hammer out that terminology).To our knowledge, this video is the most comprehensive close-up footage available of the Skeletonics exokeleton.

The Team Skeletonics guys are friendly, accommodating, and clearly excited about what they’re doing. It’s so very refreshing to see that kind of unrestrained enthusiasm for such pristinely distilled robogeekery.