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Deploy Weekend Projects to Send Sensor-Activated SMS Alerts


Cellular Sensor Sentinel is a fun and accessible way to explore basic sensors while simultaneously learning about core cellular protocols GSM & GPRS.

Designed by Adam Wolf of Wayne and Layne (makeico, makeico, twitter-logo_), this Weekend Project only requires a couple hours to complete and that includes time for glue to dry!

To operate the sentinel we’ve provided code for some basic sensors including changes in ambient light, touch, proximity, and changes in the infrared spectrum using a PIR (see PIR Sensor Arduino Alarm and Crittergram Capture Cam for more on PIRs). Once completed the project will send SMS messages alerting you to the trigger reason, condition of the connected sensors, and the time the sensor was triggered.

Of course, the sentinel could easily be expanded to detect changes in humidity, barometric pressure, magnetic fields, acceleration, vibration, and more.

Watch the video below to see how simple the Sentinel is to build, and if you find a novel use for it or extend it to include additional sensors, be sure to document your process and send us some images and a story about your mod.


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