The idea of a pie cake—or, more specifically, a layer cake with a pie in the center—kind of breaks my brain. In a good way. You too? Become a dessert legend in your own time with this pie cake tutorial from A Subtle Revelry!


Okay… okay… I know that this time of year pies tend to own the market. But can I be honest – I prefer a cake over a pie ANYDAY! I am crazy, I know. Lucky for me this year, we don’t have to choose. I wanted the best of both worlds and was so pleased this crazy idea of baking a pie inside a cake actually worked! Move over pinata cake, I give you my new favorite thing to stuff a cake with – a pie. A piecake, a cakepie. An awesome Thanksgiving we will have!

Ready to give it a try? Head over to A Subtle Revelry to see how it’s done!