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A New WiFi Board Appears: Introducing the WildFire


Meet WildFire, an Arduino-compatible board for serious network and Internet-connected applications by our friends at Wicked Device, now available in the Maker Shed. Typically, connecting your Arduino to the internet requires at least one shield. Once assembled, the base network software often leaves little room for actual application code and many of the available Arduino I/O pins are used up. Thanks to WildFire’s onboard TI CC3000 Wi-Fi module, the increased memory size of the ATmega1284p processor and a MicroSD Card slot, you can create applications with larger data requirements and greater I/O needs. In addition, the free TI SmartConfig mobile app allows you or your users to configure WildFire networking wirelessly, without having to edit and upload new system code. How convenient!

Some example applications with this board include internet-connected sensor networks, data logging, and embedded web servers. Head over to the Shed product page for more information and the Wicked Device WildFire page for tutorials, quickstart instructions and more. We’re happy to be a part of this new push to make it easier to connect your projects to the internet, and are excited to see what you create with boards like the WildFire.

Here are the juicy board specs:

  • Wi-Fi with TI CC3000 chip with on-board ceramic antenna
  • 128K Flash (4x UNO)
  • 16K of SRAM (8x UNO)
  • 4K EEPROM (4x UNO)
  • MAC chip for proper network addressing (helps with multiple boards on a single network)
  • 2 Hardware UARTS
  • Micro SD card slot for applications such as data logging
  • 4 Additional Digital I/O pins and 2 Additional Analog Inputs over Arduino Uno
  • Accepts Arduino shields
  • Programmable via Arduino IDE
  • Network configuration via TI SmartConfig application (iOS/Android/PC)
  • The WildFire comes pre-installed with a RESTduino based web server sketch that allows you to read and write to the WildFire I/O pins from any browser on the same network as the WildFire.

Any ideas of what sort of internet-connected project you’d like to create with a board as capable as this? Please share it with us in the comment section below.


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