For centuries chainmail protected soldiers on the battlefield from stabbing and slashing injuries. The basic design is so effective that it is still used today by some butchers, wood carvers and shark divers.

But chainmail can do more than just protect you from sharp objects. It can also protect you from high voltage electricity. Many people who work with Tesla coils use chainmail as a kind of wearable faraday cage. A great example of this is the band ArcAttack. They use solid state Tesla coils to play music. The performers on stage are able to safely get struck by lightning from the Tesla coils because the metal suits redirect the electricity around their bodies (But don’t try that at home!).

Chainmail is also commonly used as a decorative element. The simple elegance of interwoven rings makes it ideal for jewelry making.

In this project, I am going to give you a basic introduction to the art of making chainmail.

Here’s the full build on Make:Projects and Instructables.

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