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Holiday Gift Guide 2013: The Kano Christmas Special

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Kano Christmas Special

Remember the Kano Kit we featured last week? Can’t wait till next year to get your hands on it, or you want something for a Raspberry Pi lover’s Christmas stocking? Well this week only, they’re having a Christmas special.

If you already own a Raspberry Pi, and you want to take an early look at their software—which was possibly the most interesting thing about the kit—you can get the Kano Books and KanoOS on an SD Card in time for Christmas for $23 + $10 for worldwide shipping.

KanoOS—based around Debian—is their custom distribution designed for education and comes with their graphical programming language, KanoBlocks.

Unlike a lot of block-based programming languages, KanoBlocks generates real code—Javascript or Python—alongside the block view, and you don’t have to stay in the block level. Once you understand what is going on you can drop down into the code layer and modify the underlying code directly.

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