Electronic Windchimes, Physical Minecraft and 8 Other Slick MaKey MaKey Projects


Banana piano. Play-Doh game controller. Pencil and paper keyboard. We first saw the incredible projects that the versatile and easy-to-use MaKey MaKey board made possible at Bay Area Maker Faire in 2012, where creators Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum of MIT delighted the crowd and took home an editor’s pick. Shortly after that, it blasted to Kickstarter success with more than $500,000 in funding.

MakerShed_Holiday_Hdr-Logo_bur02Since then, the diminutive, Arduino-compatible board has been released to the world and has quickly become one of our favorite products. It’s the perfect tool to inspire kids and adults alike, and has been used for an incredible array of creations. Here are ten of the our favorites, from incredible music instruments to a target range to a banana-controlled drone.

You can get MaKey MaKey in the Maker Shed — it makes a fantastic holiday present.

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8 thoughts on “Electronic Windchimes, Physical Minecraft and 8 Other Slick MaKey MaKey Projects

  1. You have Minecraft in the title but nothing about Minecraft on your page?
    I have been making 3d Minecraft models and uploading them to Thingiverse for free download.
    I made them scale to the new Minecraft figures being sold in stores. I added fences, boats, mine carts, helmets, stairs and more. I even made a helmet that fits the toy creeper!
    These add more fun to the toys at little cost to anyone who has a 3d printer.
    I also put a few robot designs up for download.
    I don’t have all the parts for the robots made yet.

    1. I thought the same thing but use the arrows on the video to move through them and you’ll find a vid on Physical Minecraft

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