Today from the floor of Euromold 2013 3D Systems announced five new 3D printers. We’re most excited about the desktop-ready ProJet 1200 Micro-SLA Professional 3D Printer. Retailing at $4,900, it is a bit more expensive than the Form 1 ($3,299) or B9 Creator ($3,375), but the ProJet 1200 features a new, one-step process that uses an all-in-one cartridge and curing cell, with all post processing done inside the printer.

The ProJet 1200 Micro-SLA in Action


According to 3D Systems, the ProJet 1200 is extremely fast (capable of printing 12 dental waxes or 5 rings in 1/2 hour to hour) and smaller than the average coffee maker.

3D Systems also announced four other Industrial / Professional 3D Printers. No prices mentioned yet, but they are “ready for the factory floor.” The ProJet 4500 Professional 3D Printer, which prints in full color plastic. The ProJet 5500X Engineered composite materials 3D printer a large multi-material printer capable of printing fully functional objects with moving parts (like a plastic race car with rubber tires) in a single build. The ProX 950 Production SLA Printer, which has the largest format production platform, was used to print a working drum set that was played during the announcement and the ProX 500 Production SLS Printer plastic printer. There was also a announcement that Geomagic Capture will be integrated into a “Geomagic Print” driver to optimize model placement for printing, fix problematic models, and allow users to assign properties at both the pixel and layer level.

Watch the Full Announcement