Twitter powered knitting machine unveiled

For reasons that are still a bit unclear to me, Budweiser UK is supporting designated drivers this holiday season by building a tweet-powered knitting machine that knits Christmas sweaters.


The knitting machine is powered by the #Jumpers4Des hashtag on Twitter, and the more it’s used, the more sweaters will be produced by Knitbot for designated drivers.

Budweiser/knitting enthusiasts will have a chance to win one of the Knitbot sweaters sometime this month on the Budweiser UK Facebook page. I could be wrong, but since this is a UK-based marketing plan, I’m guessing that we here in ‘Merica won’t be eligible for this giveaway. (One can always hope, though!)

I’m pretty in love with this idea, and I’d totally wear a ridiculous holiday sweater knitted by Twitter-powered robot. Well played, Budweiser. Well played, indeed.