Dan_Yorke_State_of_Mind_12_26_headlineA quick shout-out to Providence-based makers James Rutter of AS220 and Matt Stultz of 3D Printing Providence who recently appeared on Dan Yorke’s State of Mind television show. Topics included the AS220 organization and their makerspace-equivalent Labs, explaining the rise of accessible and affordable home 3D printers using a Printrbot Simple, demoing an early prototype of the Robohand project, and how hobbyist culture can easily emerge into Maker Pro culture.

James and Matt were the makers of the License Plate Guitar project and have also discussed the ethos of making on our own Hangouts On Air series last year. So it was really cool to see them on television, spreading the good word.

In lieu of the video’s embed functionality not working properly, you can watch their segment online at Dan Yorke’s State of Mind website.

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