Before I went to Maker Faire Oslo, I had a pretty good idea what would distinguish this Maker Faire from others. I expected Oslo to be cold and dark in January but I hoped the first Maker Faire of 2014 would be the first Maker Faire in snow. Surprisingly, locals said that the first real snowfall of the winter had just arrived. Choosing a January date for a Maker Faire was a bold decision by the organizer, but one that was driven by the museum’s availability. Norwegians love to ski and some were worried that the new snow might affect attendance. Instead, the snow created a beautiful backdrop for the event, which was entirely inside the Norsk Teknisk Museum, and a crowd of 5,000 showed up over two days to see 50 exhibits and meet 180 makers. The first place to fill up at the event was the coatroom.

Maker Faire Oslo

One sign that Maker Faire Oslo was going to be special was that a local hackerspace, Bitraf, replicated Makey the Robot for the event and then created this wonderful video — “Makey Hangs at Bitraf.”

Our coverage of Maker Faire Oslo includes:

I saw this comment on Twitter from the Miguel, the maker of the PancakeBot, who was there with his two kids:

Congratulations to the organizers, Jon Haavie of the Norsk Teknisk Museum and Roger Antonsen of the University of Oslo.

Jon Haavie and Roger Antonsen

Makey was so popular — just about everyone wanted their picture taken with Makey.

Darth Vader and Makey

I put up this photo on Twitter and asked if anyone could think of a caption. My favorite response was from @phenoptix, with Darth Vader saying

“I used to be quite the robot builder, you know.”

It’s proof that Makey and Maker Faire bring out the best in people. It warms your heart.

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