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The Roarockit Skateboard Company isn’t your average skate shop. We don’t sell any wheels, trucks, or hardware. We don’t carry the latest skate shoes or apparel — we don’t even make or sell any decks! So how has our small, Toronto-based do-it-yourself business survived over the past 12 years?

We carry the tools, materials, and technology for anyone to build their own custom skateboards, longboards, or other woodworking projects. Our process has been used in classrooms, after-school programs, community organizations, and by individuals all over the world. We take great pride in making board building as accessible as possible, and offer daily support to builders using our system.

Skateboards in the Classroom

When owners Ted Hunter and Norah Jackson first heard that Canadian-grown maple was considered to be the best skateboard-building material on the planet, they were surprised to find out that it was unavailable to individuals who wanted to make their own custom decks. Not only was the material impossible to get on a small scale, but there was no real cost-effective way for builders to design and press the boards themselves. The invention of the Thin Air Press (TAP) vacuum bag process of laminating and bending skateboard veneers has revolutionized that. Roarockit introduced an inexpensive, simple but effective method to board builders. (Check out our Instuctable to see how accessible this method is.)

Roarockit Thin Air Press

Fast forward 12 years and Roarockit has made significant contributions to the micro-industry of independent board builders around the world. We have an expanded product line to help DIY builders make their dream deck a reality, and have recently added 1/16″ bamboo and birch veneers to our material options. The TAP system is also used by some larger manufacturers to help prototype new designs without the high cost associated with creating a standard two-sided mold.

Mini Maker FaireOur booth at the 2013 Toronto Mini Maker Faire.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been exposed to the incredible maker community that shares our same passion for hands-on engagement and creativity. Recently, a few Roarockit team members took part in our first local Mini Maker Faire and the reception was amazing! We felt right at home surrounded by so many like-minded individuals, and it was clear to us that we needed to start contributing as much as possible to the growing Maker Movement. This is why we’re proudly introducing ourselves here on the MAKE blog, and would be happy to help with any of your questions or comments.

Welcome to the incredible world of custom board building! To connect with us, check out our official site, find us on Twitter @roarockit, and look at more pics on our Facebook page. We also have a number of tutorials up on Instructables and on our YouTube channel.

The Roarockit Skateboard Company offers the tools, materials and technology for anyone to build their own custom skateboard, longboard or other bent wood projects.

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