A Global Call for Penguin Sweaters

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A Global Call for Penguin Sweaters


The Penguin Foundation of Australia has a global call for knitters to make sweaters for penguins who have been exposed to water that’s been contaminated by oil pollution.

These knitted penguin jumpers play an important role in saving little penguins affected by oil pollution. A patch of oil the size of a thumb nail can kill a little penguin. Oiled penguins often die from exposure and starvation. Oil separates and mats feathers, allowing water to get in which makes a penguin very cold, heavy and less able to successfully hunt for food.


The pattern and information on where to send the finished sweater is available here.

[via Drama Llama Knitting]

Update: Some people seem to be concerned that this call for penguin sweaters is actually a hoax. After further research, it looks like some penguins do benefit from sweaters, and the call is real, but the sweaters that The Penguin Foundation of Australia receives may be sold in their gift shop to support their efforts, so it is not an urgent call.


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