This rare coin of legend was hidden away long ago by and MAKE magazine. Rumor has it that the bearer can enter a contest to win amazing prizes!


If you’re an Austin maker, come on down to SXSW Create, it’s FREE and open to the public. Visit us at the MAKE booth, check out our Homegrown Drones and win some cool prizes!

To inject a little maker flavor into SXWS 2014 3DaGoGo and MAKE have teamed up to create a 3D printed scavenger hunt (with a little hardware help from Austin makers ATX Hackerspace, who leant 3DaGoGo their original Replicator, Thanks ATX!) and are stashing over 300 Makey coins around SXSW event center this weekend.

As the coins are discovered on-site they can be redeemed for prizes at the 3DaGoGo booth located at Create portion of SXSW.  MAKE has donated a variety of prizes including gift cards to the Shed, drones, books and a few kits.


Keep a lookout our twitter feed, we’ll be tweeting pics of “sneaky scavenger hunt hints” from 3DaGoGo via @MAKE. You can see the hints as they progress at #SXSWMakers.

Here’s SXSW Create details:

This FREE and open-to-the-public event kicks off at 11:00 am on Friday, March 7 and runs through 6:00 pm on Sunday, March 9. Catch an Interactive or Film Shuttle to The Long Center for the Performing Arts to experience all the mind-expanding and hands-on fun.

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