The first full-length 3D printing documentary, “Print the Legend” will make its debut Sunday at SXSW Film as part of their Startup Alley programming, focused on the intersection of entertainment and technology “shaping the means of viewing, sharing and producing content”.  The film chronicles the history of additive manufacturing from the invention of SLA by Chuck Hull in 1986 to the growth of MakerBot to a look at the current state of the industry.

We’ve got an exclusive first look preview:

Full trailer available at

Here’s the filmmakers synopsis of the film:

3D printing is changing the world. PRINT THE LEGEND follows the people racing to bring this hot new technology to your home, documenting the “Macintosh Moment” of this revolution and exploring what it takes to live the American Dream…For the winners, there are fortunes – and history – to be made.

The FormLabs Team Celebrates

The FormLabs Team Celebrates

With a principal cast of: Bre Pettis, Maxim Lobovsky, Avi Reichental, Cody Wilson, Chris Anderson, David Cranor, Natan Linder, Jenny Lawton; it’s clear that this 100 minute film will focus 3D printing giant 3D Systems, the origins of FormLabs and MakerBot, their different paths to financial success and 3D printing industry’s push to mainstream 3D printing. There’s also an interview with Cody Wilson, the founder of Defense Distributed (featured in the preview video above), whose creation of the first 3D printed gun on May 3, 2013 caused a sensation in both the press and congressional hearings. 

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PTL Cody Wilson the Anarchist at Firing Range

Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed at the Firing Range