IMG_6212This was the third annual Seattle Mini Maker Faire, but the first one ever at the Experience Music Project (EMP).

The EMP is housed in an outrageous Frank Gehry-designed building just under the Space Needle in the Seattle Center. Gehry is known for violating all the right-angle rules about what we know as a “building.” So quite a fitting context for a Maker Faire, if you consider maker culture and its preferred mode of boundary-stretching.

Over 35 quality maker exhibits were programmed in 6 different spaces throughout the building, as well as a presentation lineup in the theater.  Not sure yet on numbers of attendees, but it’s clear it’s in the thousands. Take a peek of the fun that was had:

Congrats to the independent Seattle MIni Maker Faire team at Penny University, a Seattle non-profit, who have developed the show to the point that is seems ready to blossom.  Looking forward to seeing what happens in 2015!