A Splendid Day in Eindhoven
3D research with an IKEA hacked Lamp hood on your head works best! Photographer René Paré.

Here’s a report on last weekend’s Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire by organizer René Pare:

Eindhoven Maker Faire (Netherlands) debuted splendidly on the weekend of March 29-30. Some 1,500 visitors and participants experienced the event in summer-like conditions in the perfect venue Klokgebouw – an appropriate former factory building of Philips Electronics. The population of makers ranged from exceptional innovations (Wunderbar IOT-kit), creative solutions (CRISP electronic modules for Smart Textiles) and experimental concepts to artists demonstrating stained glass with LED, plasma cutting, paper quilling. A responsive giant wheels robot hypnotized children, the first layers of crowd-printed Project Egg were produced on the spot. More than 40 makers were part of an amazingly cool event, including a wonderful makers dinner, a makerspace hackathon, a 30-ton truck mounted with a complete carillon, played by Rosemarie Seuntiens. A video team filmed every corner and all the makers, that will result in a special documentary, soon to come…


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