Kodiak, Alaska-based young makers Nate and Jon Schatz, ages 13 and 10, recently wrote in to share their fun adventures with our Raspberry Pirate Radio project:

My brother and I had so much fun with this project! After reading about the Raspberry Pi in MAKE, we asked for one for Christmas and have had some great times with it. Naturally, as soon as we saw the Raspberry Pirate Radio project, we decided to try it. Our friends (who are also Raspberry Pi fanatics) came over the next day and were inspired to build one also. They live across the street from an ice rink, and one day when we were skating there, they played their radio station! We heard a few recordings that we made (“This is Schatz Radio, 93.7”) and a fake commercial for the Raspberry Pi that we added. Anyway, I want to thank MAKE for a great time and an amazing educational experience for us. My parents asked us what we were doing, but we assured them that we won’t go to jail : )

Ice rink

Here are some of the fun audio tracks they made for Schatz Radio:

Including their awesome Raspberry Pi radio commercial!

The Raspberry Pirate Radio project was collaboratively created by our Make: Labs intern coordinator Sam Freeman and engineering intern Wynter Woods, who are thrilled to see folks having fun with it. To learn more about the project, scope our video: