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Bullet-Time Lightning, Spherical Panorama Sequencer, and More Creative Camera Hacks

Our Make: The Shot camera challenge isn’t finished yet, but we’ve already got some amazing camera hacks in the running for some great Nikon gear, including a Nikon 1 V3 kit and three additional lenses, valued at over $3600.

Nikon_125x125_jb1Here are a few of the submissions we’ve received so far. Think you can do better? Check out the competition and submit your own hack by Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 @ 11:59pm PT. Or check back after and help us pick a winner!
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3D lightning sparking away from a medium-sized Tesla Coil

Bullet Time Lightning

This project uses 10 inexpensive digital cameras to create a composite 3D image. The shot of the lightning coming from the tesla coil are fantastic.


Spherical Panorama Sequencing Robot

This project automatically takes a sequence of 5 photos at varying vertical angles in every 18 degrees in a circle. The creator likens it to putting your head inside a big beach ball to look at the composite image.


Eric Weiss' photo of a nebula using a  3D printed camera to telescope adaptor

3D Printed Telescope Adapter

Eric Weiss used a MakerBot Replicator 2X to create a lens adapter to hook his camera into his telescope for some great shots of the night sky. Some of his deep space shots used software to stack more than 50 long exposures together.


Raspberry Pi Photo Booth

James Wolf used a Raspberry Pi to remotely trigger a high definition camera and display the images on an accompanying screen. The remote control is easy to use, so no more “wait, I wasn’t ready!” pics at your next bash.


And don’t forget to vote for your favorite starting May 14!

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