Tindie Announces Education Initiative at MakerCon

Tindie Announces Education Initiative at MakerCon

Makers are great at making. That seems like a bit of a redundant statement at first, but when you talk to people who have made an item that they would then like to take to production, you’ll find that often they lament their lack of knowledge on how to take all the next steps after making their thing.

Tindie.com has already established itself as a fantastic place to establish community and to sell your wares is hoping to help educate people on the process of taking your prototype to a product. Their initiative, called Tindie U launches today. They’ll be rolling out a number of educational activities such as their monthly hangout with experienced people in the field.

One of the interesting methods of educating that they are putting into motion is the ability to follow along as a popular project goes through the entire process of becoming a refined product. The ArduBoy is the first project you’ll be able to follow as they encounter and solve problems along their journey. This will be documented in real time as they go through the process, so you never know what will happen.


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