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Sit back for a few moments and be transported aboard the IRIS by 3D Robotics. They wanted to show off the stability and ease of the IRIS and really, what better way is there than using it to experience Maker Faire? This video really does a great job of capturing the beauty of the event from a viewpoint that we really wouldn’t be able to see without the help of some incredible flying technology.

You can catch glimpses of some of the unique and wild things going on at the Maker Faire, such as the bicyclists in the Whiskey Drome, El Pulpo Mechanico : the giant flame throwing octopus, the Power Racing series, and the Life-Sized Mousetrap, as well as little peeks of many other things that were wandering around. Even with this birds eye view though, it barely scratches the surface of peculiar and wonderful projects that were there.

If you’re hoping to get some good footage or show off your flying contraption next year, remember that we do have to plan any flying objects very carefully, so contact us ahead of time to arrange your flight details.


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