I love when people just cut to chase and make the stuff they want, like Maegan of …love Maegan did when she saw a dress that she liked on TV, so she just went ahead and made her own version of it from a T-shirt.

I LOVED Heidi’s Gucci dress on this week’s Project Runway and was inspired to make this easy cut up t-shirt to mimic the look of the top of her dress. If you want to get the full look, you can wear this t underneath a strapless dress in the same hues and silhouette as the Gucci version, but it’s just as cute alone as well.


I really admire Maegan’s willingness to just jump into a project like this, because I find that even when a project doesn’t come out the way that I wanted it to, I almost always learn something from the process that makes the whole experience totally worth it.