Reno Mini Maker Faire Recap!


The inaugural Reno Mini Maker Faire was held on Saturday, June 7th at the historic Lear Theater in Reno, Nevada. The event featured 40 makers and welcomed over 900 attendees. Reno Maker Faire fostered a family friendly atmosphere and attendee feedback was incredibly positive, with early reports of a great time had by all.

An excited audience with maker tents and Nautilove in the background.
An excited audience with maker tents and Nautilove in the background.

Featured makers included a segment of Embrace 2014 (to be featured at Burning Man this year), Nautilove (everyone’s favorite steampunk submarine), Pinoccio (a popular wireless microcontroller created in Reno), a dedicated STEAM kids area, art bicycles, pottery, solar cooking, and much more!

Reno is uniquely situated for a Maker Faire, due to the proximity to Burning Man, the art and self expression festival held annually at Black Rock Desert. There is a large community of “Burners” here and there are several creative spaces to support them including Bridgewire – the local hackerspace, and The Generator, a massive warehouse arts space where some of the most impressive (and large!) creations to grace the Black Rock playa at Burning Man are constructed.

The event was held back to back with TEDxReno, creating a weekend of inspiration and learning. By combining their efforts, the two events were able to share resources and reduce the overall cost of both events.

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