Over 200 enthusiastic makers are going to be hauling out their projects to exhibit at the Maker Faire Paris this weekend, June 21 and 22nd. Being held at CentQuatre Paris, this is the first Maker Faire being held in the city.

The CinQuatre Paris

The CinQuatre Paris

Exhibitors of all kinds will travel to bring their sewing, papercrafts, 3d printing, musical instruments and all sorts of creations to the Maker Faire. You can get a sampling of some of the things you could see in the exhibitor listings, though we all know that you’ll find much more than expected when you actually walk around the faire.

If you’d like to get a better feeling for some of the incredibly interesting people who will be attending, just sit back and enjoy these maker profiles. Even if you don’t understand French, makers always understand each other when they see things being made.

Not all of the exhibitors showing off are people either. Lets not forget about the robots who happen to be making things, such as Drawn, the industrial robot arm that has been turned into a giant 3D printer.

While simply browsing the creative results of so many peoples hard work could easily fill an entire day, you may find yourself wanting to sit for a while and rest your feet. In that case you can enjoy any of the roughly 30 presentations to be held on the Sketch Up Hero stage.

3985-aiSL6gcSWith the rich history of art, fashion, and technology that exists in Paris, this event should be truly remarkable, something not to miss. There are still tickets for sale for the event, and as usual, you can buy tickets at the door as well.