With a host of new 3D printers in the Maker Shed, we thought we’d share some cool ideas for things YOU can 3D print to make your summer the best ever! We love the cutting-edge Felix 3.0, affordable and reworked Printrbot Simple Metal (check out our blog post on it here!), and the newest from MakerBot, the 5th Generation Replicator! Though these are some of our favorites, you can check out our entire selection of machines, filament, and accessories here.

What will you do with your new printer? With summer upon us, there are loads of options for printable objects that are useful, stylish, or just plain fun!


Looking for a new pair of flip flops? This classy sandal design is perfect for a day at the beach!


If flip flops aren’t your thing, check out these sweet shades, which are sure to impress!


If you’re planning on doing some entertaining this summer, we’ve found the perfect decoration — this adorable beach parasol! Pair it with a few flamingos and you’ve got a festive setting.  While you’re enjoying the company, whip out your 3D printed frisbee for some activity!


What’s the best thing on a hot summer day? A cool drink, that’s what! Rest your beverage on one of these neat video game coasters, or carry your bottles in this printed carrying case! If you’re looking to mix up a drink, you can use this handy citrus juicer to whip up lemonade, orange juice, or some other tasty beverage.