Last year the first Maker Faire in Germany took place in Hannover. This weekend the event returns with Maker Faire Hannover on July 5-6 2014!

Michaela Jäger, one of the events organizers, says they will have about 100 exhibitors covering topics of robotics, Arduino, 3D printing, crafting, science, handicraft, quadcopters, and more. More than forty presentations and speeches are scheduled, in three tracks throughout the weekend. Plus lots of workshops on soldering, metal working, tinkering, design thinking an rapid prototyping, hacking a Kinect, programming of PICAXE microprocessors and FPGAs, and making crazy contraptions from cardboard, wood, and sponge rubber.

Dale Dougherty, founder, President & CEO of Maker Media will be in attendance. Dale will make a speech and undoubtedly meet many makers to learn about them and their cool projects.