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Tara Donovan’s Installations Are Greater Than The Sum Of Their Parts


You know those amazing CGI scenes in Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey when the camera does an extreme zoom to show you what something is actually made from?


That’s sort of what seeing Tara Donovan’s current installations at Pace Gallery, New York is like.


This imposing untitled installation, reminiscent of stalagmites or some other naturally occurring phenomena, is actually made from a myriad of styrene index cards.


Other recent works by Donovan utilize objects such as mylar, acrylic, film, glass, buttons, toothpicks, pins, pencils and drinking straws in amazing examples of what can be achieved through generative art processes.

Tara Donovan (b. 1969, New York) creates large-scale installations and sculptures made from everyday objects. Known for her commitment to process, she has earned acclaim for her ability to discover the inherent physical characteristics of an object and transform it into art.

Not only does this work make us see familiar objects in a different light, it also makes us understand the world around in new ways, so be sure to go and see if you can. The exhibition has been extended through August 15th if you’d like to drop in and get a close-up look for yourself.

[via Designboom and Vulture]


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