WearableWeek_Badge_small_bur01We’ve been talking about the wearables revolution since at least 2011. It seems we’ve been on the cusp for ages, with shrinking technology and growing consumer interest, and big companies finally getting on board (hi Google, hi Samsung). There have been all manner of Kickstarters and seed funding rounds and some successes — but no iPhone moment.

We’re not here to drive wearables’ iPhone moment, but we’re fascinated by wearables, and we know the maker movement has a lot to contribute. So we’re hosting a week’s worth of projects, interviews, stories, and more, all about stuff you can put on your body. But we want to hear from you. We know you’ve built lots of cool wearable technology — so tell us about it! Send a line to [email protected] and let us know the coolest thing you’ve built, or seen somebody build, or discovered on the internet. And visit us next week, for all of the best that we’ve found.