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How-To: Make Glitch Selfies With Your Webcam


If you like taking selfies that render your likeness completely unrecognizable, then you may be just the assimilationist contrarian who will enjoy making hypnotically glitchy webcam selfies with this experimental project by Adam Ferriss called Gush.

The effect works by creating a ‘flow’ image from a comparison of the current frame and previous frame. The flow looks like a colored contour image when there is movement in the scene. The flow output is plugged into another shader that runs in a feedback loop, continually blending new frames on top of old ones.


[via the creator’s project]

6 thoughts on “How-To: Make Glitch Selfies With Your Webcam

  1. Glitch art is an old fever. You’re like 12 years off-date and btw its better with processing and the microsoft kinect camera. Just saying. I’m not a hater try it! :)

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