What if you could be a superhero? Which one would you be? Would you want superpowers or superhuman strength? Would you want The Flash’s speed? Batman’s gadgets? How about Captain America’s shield?

I grew up reading comics, and still read them. Marvel, DC, and various graphic novels, I love them all. I have dreamed of having superpowers since I was a kid, and if could have had my very own Captain America shield, that would be have been a dream come true. That can be your childhood-dream-turned-reality now! All you need are some supplies such as a saucer sled, some metallic paint and primer, leather pelts, magnets, super glue and an assortment of tools, nails, nuts and bolts. The sled is made of plastic, but it’s not typical plastic: it’s smooth like metal and more durable. As if this project couldn’t be any more amazing in itself, you’ll be attaching the handles of the shield magnetically, which will allow you to convert them into shoulder straps so you can wear it on your back too!

I’m beginning to think I may need to start acquiring the pieces to make this my reality. I may even have to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier again. While wearing this shield. Now if only I could make some retractable adamantium claws or an invisible jet.