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Video Games Get Real With Evolve

Evolve looks like a pretty cool game. We’re not a gaming blog though, so I won’t even get into how interesting I think the ideas are behind the gameplay. Just a hint, this was made by the same team who created Left4Dead.

What we like here at Make is making stuff. There must be a few makers on the team over at 2K games because they’ve decided to release 3D printer friendly files of the monsters and monster hunters for people to download and print at home.


If you’ve never messed with game production before, you might be tempted to think they can just plop the game model out of the game and right into a printer. While in some rare cases this might almost work, the process to deliver a decent model that is 3D printer friendly is actually a little more involved. It wouldn’t be a big surprise if we found out they had to almost completely rebuild their models. However, if you want to get people excited about your upcoming game, this certainly is one very cool way to do it.

In total there are 8 player models (2 for each class), as well as 2 monster models all available for download. Just go to their site, hover over “About” and find the monster or player you’re interested in printing. The files are located on each one’s page.


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