In this episode of Maker Hangar, I teach you about flight controller boards. You learn what they are and what they do in a multicopter. I also show you how to set up your tricopter with the Flip 1.5 Multi Wii Controller board. In the next episode, I will show you how to fly your tricopter, so stay tuned!

To follow along with this tutorial you will need to buy the Flip 1.5 board. Then you will need to download the MWC 2.3 files, Arduino IDE, and FTDI Drivers.

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If you are having problems with being unable to arm your tricopter in different flight modes then make sure that there aren’t any checked boxes in the ARM mode spaces. For my settings, you can find them on the on the Tricopter Product Page.

If you want to look at the other flight controller boards and tutorials you can check them out at the following links: