dragon egg

If you’ve ever thought about what a dragon’s egg might look like, possibly something scaly would come to mind. If you want to actually build a model of it, this can be done with metal tacks and a heat source. The original author “gregur” owns what looks like an awesome forge, but if you don’t happen to have one, a simple propane torch would also do the trick. The flames give it a cool look, but if you wanted a more uniform color, heating it could even be optional.


You’ll also need some sort of base to form the shape of this legendary egg.  In this case a 4×4 piece of wood is used with the edges cut down. To make this cutout, an egg shape was traced on both sides, and then the rough shape was cut out.  The shape was then finished with a belt sander. This might also make an interesting lathe project if you have access to one.

Once you’ve got a shape you’re happy with, push the tacks in, then leave on your desk for coworkers to wonder what kind of creature you’re raising! This project was first seen on Reddit, so if you want to see what that “community” thought of it there, you can check out their comments here.