The Singapore Mini Maker Faire is back or its third year! Being held at the Senja Cashew Community Club in Singapore, this event boasts roughly 200 makers showing off their work. There will be things from homebrewing beer to electronics and intricate lace work to admire. Aside from the cool things people will be showing off, there will also be design challenges and networking events happening during the faire. web-banner-990x180px_d1r2

If you’d like a taste of what it is like on location, check out this video from Ian of Dangerous prototypes from 2012

They’ve had a couple years to grow since then, so we can’t wait to see what it is like this year! To further explore who you might get to meet and talk to at the faire, you can find a bit of information on many of the exhibitors on the Singapore Mini Maker Faire website.


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