In this episode of Maker Hangar, I show you how to build the entire Maker Trainer 2! I show you how to cut out the PDF plans, how to glue the airplane together, then I show you how to paint the airplane, install all the electronics, secure all the wires, and program the radio so that you can go fly it! Wow, that’s a lot! In the next episode I take you to the flying field, where I fly the Maker Trainer 2, stay tuned!

In this episode I mention many different materials that you will need for the construction of the Maker Trainer 2 like Hobby Foam and 6mm Depron for international builders, and 3M Super 77 and Minwax for glueing and covering the Maker Trainer 2. I also use Lemon RX receivers that are compatible with the Orange T6’s

Also in this episode I mention episodes from the previous season of Maker Hangar where I talk about laying out the PDF plans and soldering on ESC wires in much more depth than in this season.  I also mention what a KF airfoil is and how it works, I actually interviewed the inventor of the airfoil and you can see that interview here.

PDF Plans

If you want to download the PDF plans, see the electronics your going to need, and order the Maker Trainer 2 Kit you can go to its product page.  Also, if you have been building a Maker Trainer 2 please post pictures and video on the Maker Hangar Google+ Page.