I love pretty office supplies, but I’m always disappointed that cool folders never come in packs large enough for me to, say, actually use them in my filing cabinet. (All my folders must be matchy-matchy, or it’ll drive me crazy.) More often than not, I’ll end up buying the folders with the neat designs anyway, and then they’ll sit in a drawer for years because I don’t actually have anywhere to use them. So, there was much joy and appreciation felt in my little craft studio when I spotted this fantastic file folder blank book tutorial from Mollie at Wild Olive!


This project is wonderfully simple and practical—I think some of my teachers made something similar for reading and science journals when I was in elementary school—and it would be great for kids going away to camp, summertime travel journals, and subject-specific school notebooks!

Ready to give it a try? Click here to see the full how-to!