Digital pin 3 connected to GND on the Bean.

Testing the Light Blue Bean in the Light Blue app and a jumper wire

The Light Blue Bean is a new Arduino compatible board with built-in Bluetooth LE support, and while that isn’t a new idea, the Bean does something different than the other Bluetooth LE enabled Arduino clones I’ve seen so far—it lets you upload your code to the board wirelessly.

We’ve taken a look at the Bean a couple of times during it’s development cycle—including an early look during the pre-order stage, and a more hands-on look when we finally got our hands on the hardware. However now the Bean is shipping, and you can get your your very own on the Maker Shed.

Getting notifications over Bluetooth LE using the Light Blue Bean 

To celebrate the release we asked Colin Karpfinger—the founder of Punch Through Design—to build something cool with his Bean, and he certainly came through for us, introducing the Facebook Flagger.