Giant Spirograph Makes Mathematically Perfect Chalk Drawings On The Street


After struggling to use a little laser-cut spirograph, Nathan of HaHa Bird decided that the problem was scale-related and resolved to remedy the situation by building a massive version to use on the street, and it worked!


After creating the spirograph design on his computer and cutting out a template by hand, he simply routed out six identical interlocking pieces for the outer ring. Then the inner rings were cut with a jig saw, ingeniously mounted on caster wheels, and holes were drilled for the chalk to be inserted.


I’m pretty sure that if I came across one of these designs on the street I’d start keeping my eye out for UFOs.


Even though Nathan admitted that he’d “never wanted a CNC router more than I did during this work,” this project is still a great example how how laser cutting and 3D printing prototypes can really inspire and inform the successful production of amazing new projects!

via [Junk Culture]

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