The new Arduino Zero board was announced by Massimo Banzi back in May at Maker Faire Bay Area, and will probably ship towards the end of the year. However if you want to get your hands on the board months ahead of everyone else, now’s your chance.

Arduino has just announced that—after the great response to their beta test of the Arduino Tre—they’re making 20 Arduino Developer Edition boards available for beta testing. However, unlike the Tre beta test which was invite only, the Zero beta test is going to be open for applications. But bear in mind that this isn’t just an easy way to get you hands on free hardware. Arduino really needs someone with both the time, and interest, to work on some specific issues ahead of the general release of the board later in the year.

…we set up a list of tasks including writing examples, testing libraries and external hardware, and making projects that can be completed in a variety of timeframes.

If you think you’ve got the time, and feel like you’d be a good fit, you should fill in the application form by the 17th of August. Arduino will contact you by the 21st of August with instructions if you’ve been selected as one of the 20 beta testers. Good luck!