Mixed Media Engineering brings 1800's tech to the modern age... then to kickstarter

Mixed Media Engineering brings 1800’s tech to the modern age… then to kickstarter

Braiding rope seems to be something only machines and little girls are able to accomplish. A new device created by David from Mixed Media Engineering however, would allow the mechanically challenged to finally be able to braid their own. The 16-Bobbin Rope Braiding Machine features thread-wrapped spools that orbit each other using a system of acrylic gears that twine the fibers together. Most all of the device’s parts were laser cut using a CNC machine and can use various yarns (including carbon fiber, embroidery thread and para-cord) to produce rope. It also has the ability to braid around a central core, such as a surgical tube core with a nylon wrap for pressure tubing. David came up with the idea of the Braiding Machine based on an antique factory rope-braiding machine from the 1890’s. He plans to offer the device as a kit on a new Kickstarter campaign in the near future, which would give us all the magical skill of braiding rope.

This isn’t David and Mixed Media Engineering’s first trip onto kickstarter. The Jiggernaut bike frame and Interlachen DIY outdoor wear kit shows their ingenuity and most of all, capability to deliver. Head over to the Mixed Media Engineering’s project page to see all their inspirational projects.

Luckily, Hack-a-day was able to interview David and capture a demo of the early version rope weaver.