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How To Make A Dancing Baby Groot

If you are one of the people who helped Guardians of the Galaxy reach its current box office total of $188.4M, then you know exactly why this project is bound to be everyone’s favorite thing right now. Baby Groot stole our collective hearts.


Patrick Delahanty of Durandal Cosplay decided that instead of waiting for an official Baby Groot to be released (there are a few in the work, but we all want one NOW), that he would just make one of his own.

Using an old Movin’ & Groovin’ dancing flower he found on eBay, he removed the flowers’ head and leaves and left the wiring in the pot of the flower intact. Within a few more steps involving some muslin and pins, hot glue, felt, twine, wire, a magnificently sculpted head that his fiancee made from Crayola Model Magic (an air-dry clay) and some paint, he had made the first Baby Groot we’ve seen that actually dances along to the beat.

The flower runs on batteries, and since the Movin’ & Groovin’ flowers are a speaker, all you need to do is plug in your iPod, choose what song you love, and let Baby Groot dance all your —and his— cares away.





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  1. CAN’T FIND THOSE GODDAMN PLANTS!! And they do have a new version but it seems like hard plastic, I WANT DO DO THIS! :(


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