If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re a fan of unique blinking lights. Alex Posada’s piece, “The Particle,” exemplifies this quite nicely, and adds the ability to spin at 1500 RPM. Resembling the usual representation of an atom, the name seems quite appropriate. It would also make quite an appropriate prop for a Doctor Frankenstein set.

The illumination is handled by spinning RGB strips controlled by a custom piece of software. Sensors on top of the iron structure sense what is going on in the surrounding space and coordinates a surround sound system with the scarily-spinning light strips.

If you watch the video below, you might think that the orbs that are shown in stills are the result of long-exposure photography. Most likely the exposure settings had to be tweaked to show something like this correctly, but keep watching (or skip) to around 1:50 and you’ll see that with its speedy motor setup, this image can take place in real-time. The real-time “Particle” footage was shot at the 2009 STROBE Festival in Spain.

A really incredible build, and actually pretty scary!

The Particle v1.0 from Alex Posada on Vimeo.